Monday, March 16, 2015

Weston - New Area, New Companions

Hope your ready for this one:) our new area is kind of sketchy:) So I was moved into the Belle Isle Branch here in Detroit. Our area is just barely North of down town Detroit. We have a pretty amazing view. They call it The Belle Isle area because of this giant Island in the middle of the Detroit River. A couple of days ago my companions (I'm in a trio again) and I did some street contacting on the Island. It's really beautiful. I'm now serving with Elder Fox and Elder Hansen. This area is one of the more sketchy areas in our mission.  I still hear gunshots a lot and have random drunk people yelling at us all the time. By the way, I'm at 6 hugs now:) Also, we haven't even been here a week and Elder Hansen's bike was stolen. Yesterday we went tracting and we locked our bikes up on three poles. Elder Fox and I locked up to two poles that were connected at the top. Elder Hansen hooked up to a separate pole that didn't have anything at the top. After we did a couple of hours of finding we came back to see we only had two bikes. Someone must have lifted Elder Hansen's bike up and over the pole. We had a pretty silent walk home.
    On a happier note we got two really awesome investigators.  We were riding back home from an appointment and I felt a strong impression to travel down this one road. My companions followed me for a while until all of the sudden the feeling went away and I was unsure were we needed to go, so we stopped. I told my companions we need to pray and ask where we need to be. After the prayer we stood there in silence for a while. Elder Hansen pointed to a light we saw in the distance. He said that's where we need to be. Without hesitation Elder Fox and I followed him over there. The light was a porch light so we locked our bikes up close by and knocked on the door. We don't do a lot of tracting at night, especially in the Detroit areas. In the Belle Isle area we don't find people at home very often even when tracting. Normally we just street contact at night. But we knocked on this door and these two high school kids, brother and sister opened the door. They were very interested. We taught them one of the best Restoration lessons I've ever had. They told us to come back:)
     Church was pretty interesting. We have about 200 members in our branch and only about 50 come to church. All five missionaries.( Our trio and Elder Lamb and Elder Peterson is the other companionship.) Bless and pass the sacrament. It's weird to see a totally normal Mormon family sitting next too a Detroiter wearing black jeans with skulls, black shirt with skulls, black shoes with skulls, A Skull necklace. Skull earrings. and a skull bandanna on his head. Our church building is super small and is completely surrounded by a chain link fence. You have to have the code to get into the parking lot. The church has every inch under surveillance with security cameras. We can watch each camera from a monitor in the foyer area. The doors are made out of thick steel and all of the windows are made out of bullet proof glass. 
Heavenly Father is keeping us safe though:) Don't worry:)
Love You all! 
Elder Lamoreaux

 I put a pass-along card on an ice berg and it floated over to Canada:) So I did missionary work outside of America!

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