Monday, May 18, 2015

JT - Pretty normal week. And I'm staying in Kitarokko!

Dear everyone,

This was a pretty ふつう (normal) week. Nothing too exciting, but there is a couple highlights that I will write about.

The first was our day on Wednesday. Before that day, things had been going pretty slow. We haven't found any new investigators in a while and most of our time was spent finding, which is always a drag when you are finding all day. But, we had a couple people planned that we were going to try to visit. The first was a less-active member who we had been trying to contact every single Wednesday since I've been here. We decided to try visiting him at 12:30 instead of the night, which we usually do. We went there and there was a car in the driveway! We were able to catch him right before he was leaving. We were able to talk to him for a little bit and drop off something for him to read. It was a quick little meeting, but it was also a quick little miracle. Next we went to one of our investigators houses (the one with the pictures of missionaries) for a lesson which went pretty well. He is progressing a little bit. Then, right after the lesson, we get a call from a Potential Investigator who didn't really show interest, but gave us his phone number. We called him probably 4 days before and he didn't answer. He decided to call us back finally and he wanted to meet but he said he was at the place for only a little bit before he had to catch his train. So we ran to the train station and got there in time, then went to the other train station where the Potential Investigator was. We were able to talk to him for longer than what he said. He has interest in us being from America, but not too much interest in the church, but we were able to schedule another meeting with him, so he is a new investigator! We will see how far his interest will go, but that was again, another miracle. There were other small miracles that happened this day, which was really refreshing for me. I know that God will never leave us alone. Sometimes he lets us go without much success so that we are able to better appreciate and recognize the small and simple things that he does. I invite you to seek the hand of the Lord in your everyday lives. Sit down, take a short break, and count the little "tender mercies" that the Lord places in front of you everyday. You will gain a greater appreciation for life and a greater appreciation for the Love that Heavenly Father shows you every single day.

The other highlight of the week was on Sunday. The investigator who is so close to being baptized but spoked us at church last week came this week! So at the lesson that we had after sacrament with him, the first thing he said to us was "so I'm getting baptized on June 7th right? What do I have to do for it?" My companion and I were stunned! So we went to get the Ward Mission Leader (he is the best by the way) and we were able to set up the whole program and everything. So, he is for sure getting baptized on the 7th! (Well assuming he passes the interview) It is so exciting and his testimony is growing right before our eyes. I love it! This is what missionary work is supposed to feel like! So we taught him all of the commandments and he accepted and committed to follow all of them. So all that's left is Lesson 5 and a review and the interview. I am so excited for him!

So, those were the highlights of the week. Also, transfer calls came today and I am staying in Kitarokko! I'm happy about that. My companion, Elder Isaac is now the District Leader so I am a district leader's companion again. This transfer is going to be great!

Well that's it for this week. Here's a quick scripture, one that I read today. Revelation 3:20 "Behold, I stand at the door, and knock: if any man hear my voice, and open the door, I will come in to him, and will sup with him, and he with me." Jesus Christ is knocking on our door. He is begging to help us. Are we going to listen to the knocking and open the door Are we going to let him help and heal us? Or do we have to many distractions that drown out the knocking? Let us all hear His voice and let him in. We are not knocking on his door, he is inviting us to come unto Him and be saved. I love that scripture. Jesus Christ wants to help us, we have to be humble enough to let him in.

I love you all! Have a fantastic week!!
Elder Lamoreaux

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