Friday, October 24, 2014

Weston - I'm FINALLY HERE!!!!

I'm FINALLY HERE!!!!! A lot has happened in the past few days and I have a ton to say with not much time. I was rushed away into the MTC. On the way in I was able to see Elder Racker, the missionary I met while going through the temple for the first time, who is going on the same mission as JT. I met my companion before we knew we were companions. I was asked where I was going on my mission and I told the sister who I was talking to,"Detroit!" and I heard a voice behind me say, "Well how about that! I am too!" His name is elder Oviatt, from Spokane Washington, and I'm getting along with him great. He's a hard worker and has a very strong testimony. I had to get a flu shot my second day here. The lady who gave me the shot has family in Detroit. She told me that they are active in the church and have fallen in hard times. She started to cry and wrote down the name of her family members. She told me, if I have the chance, to give them a message of hope and of happiness. Our Heavenly Father sure does work in mysterious ways. I feel so blessed to have met this sister. Elder Oviatt and I were given fake investigators and we pray to know how to help teach them of the gospel. We've been doing very well and seem to work good together. We were able to meet our branch presidents and we all fell in love with them. They gave us great inspiring messages. Elder Oviatt and I were called to be zone leaders. The responsibilities are great but im so glad for the experience. I hoped to be pushed hard while I was here and I am. Some of the sister missionaries in our district are really struggling. Elder Oviatt and I almost gave them a blessing, since we are now zone leaders in training, but the other more experienced, zone leaders were found so we weren't needed. I'm sure the opportunity will arise when we need to give priesthood blessings sometime before we leave the MTC. When we're done with emails were going to go consecrate oil. I was able to buy a whole vial at the MTC bookstore. I'm really excited for that. If you are wondering I am super happy and I am constantly feeling the spirit in all that we do throughout the day. I am being tested but I feel each and every one of your prayers and I thank you so much for all of your support. I love you all so much and I miss you a great deal. I am so glad I am here though and I often feel the spirit telling me that this is the correct path for me. This is where our Heavenly Father needs me to be.
Elder Lamoreaux number 3 

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