Monday, February 23, 2015

Weston - Texas Soap Cake

This week we had a few interesting things happen. We drove by a referral we received a long time ago. We met her once in front of her house. The day we met her also just so happened to be that day that she found out she was pregnant. She's 18 and white, which is weird because its in our Detroit area. We've never met her boyfriend. So we decided to try by again last week and when we drove up we saw a jeep with two white guys sitting in front of her house. We thought "white people! they must know her!" so we stopped and asked them. They were both totally drunk. They told us that they had no idea who she was. We told them that we're missionaries and that we were hoping to meet with her again and teach her more. For no apparent reason one of the drunk guys started yelling at us. He told us to "GET THE BEEP OUT OF HERE" I was laughing at him while we were driving away and that made him even more angry so he threw some five buck pizza at our car. He proceeded to do some kind of happy dance in the road behind us and raised his arms in triumph over the Mormons:) My companion and I were almost in tears because of how hard we were laughing. Most of the drunk people we meet just want to give you a hug when they find out you're "Jesus Boyz" This was my first encounter with an angry drunk person. A couple of days later we saw a car pulling out of a taco Bell with the security lights and alarm going off. When the car drove by us we could see that the kid who was driving didn't even look old enough to have a license. They continued off down 8 mile road swerving every which way with the car alarm blaring.  
     Thanks so much for your package! I really appreciate it. and Tell aunt Rebecca and Uncle Greg thank you for their package as well! I got it on the same day. They made me another hat and also hand made soap. The first thing my companion said was "that looks like Texas sheet cake!" I said no, its soap. but it gave me an Idea... The other elders in our district came over the next P-day and I covered the bars of soap in chocolate syrup. I got both of them to eat it! they both ran to the Bathroom and spit it up in the sink! My companion just watched. We were laughing so hard! 
Elder Lamoreaux

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