Monday, February 9, 2015

Weston - Let it Snow!

When I first got it it was leaking oats all over the place:) some how one of the packages of oat meal got torn open:) I really appreciate it though:) 
This past week we didn't have too many exciting things happen. I think last week I forgot to tell you we had a really bad snow storm. STUPID HEAT WAVE IN PROVO! my companion and me were tracting when it was -15 degrees outside. Last Sunday was the third biggest snow storm Michigan has had for years. We tracted for about two hours in it:) the people who were interested just told us to come back when it stopped snowing. OR YOU COULD JUST LET US IN YOUR HOUSE! Ahh! Detroiters are weird and sometimes really frustrating.
So Saturday I did something sort of scary/crazy/stupid. So if you want to, google earth Grand River and Lahser street. This intersection is normally really busy and it's were missionaries like to go street contacting. There is a old movie theater just a little bit North of Grand river on Lahser road. That movie theater plays really old movies like Rear window and the old Indian Jones movies and stuff like that. Well on Saturday night there was people all over the place next to the movie theater. There was a huge line of people waiting outside to get in before the movie started. Now when I first arrived in Michigan we were told by our mission President that if you want to get up on a soap box and start, crying repentance unto the people, he was all for that. I was thinking about that as we were going around talking to individuals. I turned to my companion Elder Barney and told him I was thinking about doing something stupid. He followed me as I proceeded to walk to a spot in front of this huge line of people so everyone could see me. I faced them all and shouted, WE'RE MISSIONARIES FROM THE CHURCH OF JESUS CHRIST OF LATTER-DAY SAINTS. WE'RE HERE SHARING A MESSAGE ABOUT JESUS CHRIST. I then asked the crowd if anyone would be interested in hearing what we had to say. Every one there was staring at me and not one of them stepped forward. My heart was pounding so hard. I felt really good about what I had done but at the same time I thought, did I do any good by making that decision and being bold? I don't know. After that we tried handing out pass a long cards to the crowd. Only one person took one and I think he only did it to be nice.
Elder Lamoreaux

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