Monday, February 8, 2016

JT - Bible Study Class

Dear Everyone,

Today was a great week! Let's start with another change. I got a call from the Assistants sometime this week saying that they decided to change my district back to what it was before. So now, I'm back to my original district; Higashi Osaka and Sekime, 6 missionaries. Well, the big district was exciting while it lasted.

This week, we worked hard with trying to visit members and teaching them the Doctrine of Christ. To do so, my companion and I came up with a pretty awesome slide show on the iPad's that simply illustrates the Doctrine and was really easy to understand. We also prepared our lesson plan to go along with the Area Plan so that all of the members can be on the same page and follow the plan that was given to us by the Area Presidency. We taught about 6 different members about it. It went really well. I feel that the ones that we taught better understand the Doctrine of Christ and they have more of a desire to follow the Area Plan. I don't know if I talked about the Area Plan last week, but this is what it is.

Everyone will think of goals in order for them to better Love, Elevate, Simplify and so forth, with the main goal of living with Heavenly Father again. I believe that this plan will help unify the ward that I am serving in and will also help the members better fulfill their missionary responsibilities and will hasten the work of the Lord in Japan. So, in order to unify the ward with the missionaries and the Stake, Mission and Asia North area, we really tried hard to get this thing going.

We had a couple cool experiences this week. Last transfer, my companion Elder Parkin felt like we should try doing a bible study class. He loves the bible and knows a lot about it. He taught me a lot about the bible because I have little to no bible knowledge at all. Well, his last week in Higashi Osaka, we finally got it passed with the bishop and they said we will start on February 5th. Believe it or not, Elder Parkin transferred! So the task of starting a bible study class fell on to me and my new companion. Yay.... Because both Elder Clarkson and I don't really know the bible at all, we were panicking and worried about it. I wanted to just stop the class so badly because I don't feel confident with the bible and there wasn't a lot of people who would come. But, because it took about a month to get started and people worked hard to get it going, we decided to go ahead and do it. It felt like Nephi in 1 Nephi 4:6 "And I was led by the Spirit, not knowing beforehand the things which I should do." We were praying for the spirit and that everything will go okay. So, we did it. Only 3 people came; our ward mission leader, a ward missionary, and an  investigator. We talked about Genesis 1-2 about the creation. What do you know, everything went really well! We were able to teach well and those who came enjoyed it. This was really a lesson of faith to me. My companion and I learned that acts of faith are not comfortable. Sometimes, in order to follow the will of God, we need to pass through opposition. Trials always come before the miracle. Whenever something good is about to happen, the adversary tries everything in order to stop you from fulfilling the will of God. But, when you actually do it, God will bless you with a confirmation that it is good. My companion and I felt that confirmation after the class. We know that this class needs to happen. It might sound weird, but we will continue to do this bible study class. I get to learn more about the Bible too!

I've been studying about faith recently. Faith is so simple, but it is so powerful. I know that faith always precedes the miracles. If you believe you can do it, then you can. If you have an end goal, a hope, something to believe and hope for, then you will work as hard as you can to be able to reach that. Because of that effort, you can access the enabling power of the atonement and you will be empowered. God will help you reach that end goal. But, it all starts with faith. Faith leads to miracles and dreams coming true.

Man, being a missionary is great. It is hard sometimes, but never in my life will I have the chance to dedicate myself to the Lord and only focus on the gospel. I am learning so much and I will take so much with me back to Utah.

Have a great week! Love you all! Always remember to put the Lord first! Keep smilin, and give them heaven!

Elder Lamoreaux

Our beloved mission president and his assistants. :) love it!

After visiting a few less actives, this stud of a member took us out to eat.

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