Tuesday, May 17, 2016

JT - Give me a Pizza and a Burrito and I will give you anything you want!

Dear Everyone,

This week was a pretty normal week and so there isn't much to report on. We are still working with our investigator on date and things are looking good with him. We will finish teaching him the lessons this week, get his parents permission (pray for that!) and then get his baptismal interview next week (pray for that as well!!) and then should be good for baptism on May 28th! It's getting really exciting here. Also, we are working hard with one of our Vietnamese investigators and he is currently praying about getting baptized with Moose on the same date! We've taught him all of the commandments and told him all that he has to do after he gets baptized and he totally could get baptized on that date if he desires it. So, looks like we will have at least one baptism on that day, likely two. Please pray that all will go smoothly with Moose and that the Vietnamese friend can receive an answer and testimony! It would be much appreciated!

So, other than meeting with those two, we were also able to find a few more people to teach! A man saw that we had a free English class and he called us and came this week. Then, yesterday, he randomly called us and said "I've recently been studying Christianity, could you teach me stuff?" So we met and answered his questions and gave an overview of our basic beliefs. He seems interested and wants to meet with us more. He has a ton of questions and it's way fun to answer them and connect it all to the gospel and the restoration. This is missionary work.

So regarding the title, this week, we found a Mexican restaurant one day a few weeks ago, so this week, we decided to go!  It was the first one I have seen in Japan, so we had to go try it. It was a cute little place, but not worth it. Let's just say with the price that we spent, we could've gotten over 100 Del Taco tacos on Taco Tuesday and the Del Taco tacos would've tasted better... But hey, do it for the experience! I guess.... I miss Mexican food...

The next day, Moose wanted to go with us to a $5.00 pizza restaurant that he found. We went there and ordered 3 pizzas. They were a little bit bigger than my hand and they were barely thicker than a piece of paper. Two inches of sauce-less crust and barely any cheese. In America, it would probably cost 15 cents... It tasted good at least... It's definitely not your Hot 'n Ready Little Caesar's pizza...


I just want real Mexican food and real pizza. Japan tries, it really does, and they are so close. Their food looks cute, looks delicious, but the taste isn't always there and the size is tiny, for more expensive. I would do anything for a burrito, pizza, steak, hamburger, even a hot dog. But, you know what, i have sushi and ramen and other awesome Japanese food, so I can wait a bit longer. Maybe...

Well, things are going great here in Okayama! It's been super fun and there are new experiences every single day. I love it out here. This week, we have Zone Conference and we also have the Mission-Wide Conference with Elder Stevenson, Elder Whiting and Elder Choi in Kobe! I am so excited for that! I have a feeling that something BIG is going to happen. Update on that next week!

Love you all! Have a great week!
Elder Lamoreaux ラムロー長老
Japan Kobe Mission 日本神戸伝道部


So we went to a nearby super market who was having a Costco Fair!!!  We got real pizza!  So, so good!! I miss Pizza...

Sleeping on the roof of our apartment with the district!

We made Curry with a less-active member who works at a Curry place.

On Kokan in Tsuyama with the district leader.  Taught this awesome member!

This building is a turtle...

So we got stopped at a railroad crossing and there were so many people stopped to take pictures of the train.  There are a lot of people who love trains in Japan.

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