Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Weston - May 16, 2016

Last Sunday I was at the church and I found a book that they were trying to get rid of. It was Parley P. Pratt's Autobiography. I took it home and started reading it. I found the chapter where he meets a Mr. Lamoreaux who says, when he hears the gospel from Parley, "if this is Mormonism, than I am a Mormon." He then helps Parley shows him how to get around that part of the country. Parley said that no matter how much he tried to quiet Mr. Lamoreaux he could not get him to stop preaching the gospel to everyone they came in contact with. He would apparently yell at people at a distance trying to get them to listen to the gospel. When I read that I thought about how bad I want to be like that ancestor. I've been trying recently to follow his example and teach everyone that I can. Because I know that's what he did and what he would do if he was still here.
I love you all very much!
Elder Lamoreaux

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