Monday, June 20, 2016

JT - Wicked Stake Conference!

Dear Everyone,

We started teaching this one new investigator that we found last week. This guy seems pretty golden. We met him while housing and we set up an appointment with him the next week. We met with him and he had a lot of questions about who God is, what the purpose of life is, what happens after we die, etc. All of the answers are found in the Plan of Salvation, so we taught him that. He was glued in to it and and a lot of questions at the end. We taught him that baptism is the first step in getting to the Celestial Kingdom. He then said "if these things are true, then I will be baptized." It was way cool and hopefully he can pray and find the answers that he needs in order to choose baptism. We should be meeting him again this week.

So, other than that, the work has been just the same as always. No big changes in our investigators' status. Moose is doing really good. One day, he called us and asked if we could read the Book of Mormon together, so that was awesome. I just want these people to get baptized, but it's all in the Lord's timing.

Cool experience from this week. We rode our bikes a long way to try to visit a member that the bishop asked us to visit. We went (about 11 or so miles) and he wasn't there... (That's happened so many times on my mission.) We were lost at what else to do. We decided to visit an active member who lived about 15 minutes away from this member's house. We weren't planning to do so at all. So we went and it turns out it was the sister's birthday!! Crazy coincidence (or is it?) God is truly in the details of each of our individual lives.

So, regarding the title, Yesterday, all of Japan gathered for a "Stake Conference". We had an opportunity to hear a few general authorities speak specifically to Japan over satellite from Salt Lake City. Elder Maynes of the Seventy, Sister Burton of the Relief Society, President Whiting of the Area Presidency and Elder David A. Bednar of the quorum of the twelve apostles speak to us. I learned so much from this and it was definitely one of the best conferences I've been to. President Whiting gave his whole talk in Japanese, so that too was amazing to see. I know that the leader's of our church are guided and chosen by God himself. They all spoke about things that the members of Japan needed to hear. Things that I as a missionary have been trying so hard to teach these members and many ways that Japan needs to improve. In particular, Elder Bednar went up there and started listing all of the things that Japan needs help with. He hit the nail in the head with that. Everything he said was so good and so applicable to Japan that if these members apply these things, the work in Japan will explode. Always a great opportunity to hear our prophets speak to us. I also learned a lot personally about the Sabbath Day. I learned that after my mission, I need to do a better job of truly appreciating the gift of the Sabbath, because it truly is a gift. Such a good conference.

This area is amazing! I'm loving it! The people are awesome. All of you are awesome! Remember that God is always first. If God is in the front of your mind all of the time, you will make the right choices. It might be hard, people might not like you, but all those are small in the world of eternity. Life is eternal and if we always choose the harder right instead of the easier wrong, your life will be where it is supposed to go. Love you all! Have a great week! Keep Smiling and give 'em Heaven!

Elder Lamoreaux ラムロー長老
Japan Kobe Mission 日本神戸伝道部

Found a way cool place next to the water.  Had to take pictures...
We got creative...

The District

Elder's Quorum activity yesterday!  Cutest  little daughters in the world.
Awesome family who had us over for dinner last night.  The dad made this model of a famous Japanese movie that I never seen, but everyone knows.  It's called Castle in the Sky.                        

We showed the Seminary class us eating an egg and so they wanted to do it too... Haha, the influence missionaries have on others.  It's real... We might have started a challenge in Japan like the ice bucket challenge.  Raw egg challenge...Missionaries, watch what you do!  Haha, enjoy.

I love Japan!

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