Monday, July 4, 2016

JT - Happy 4th of July!!

Dear Everyone,

It's the Fourth of July!! To celebrate, we sang "America the Beautiful" for companionship study and we prayed in English! Oh man, I miss America! Later today, we are going to go to Okayama Eki as a district and represent America by doing something... Not sure yet, but it will be great! Believe it or not, they don't celebrate the Fourth of July in Japan. I wonder why...

This was an up and down week. We had ups and we had downs. A couple of appointments fell through that were really disappointing. For example, we were housing an apartment building when we knocked on this college student's door. We talked to him about Heavenly Father and how we can get help from him. He seemed to like it and we asked if we could come again to share about how to receive help from God and without hesitation, he said yes. So we set up an appointment for the next day.  Well we went there right on time for the appointment, but he never answered the door. We knew he was inside. We waited for about five minutes, went to a nearby convenient store and ate ice cream then tried again 15 minutes later. Still no answer. Super disappointing because we planned a great lesson for it and everything. I hate when that happens.

However, we've had quite a bit of success in our finding efforts this week. We were able to get a few return appointments and were able to teach a lot of lessons while doing so.

Cool things that happened this week: playing basketball with investigators and gaining 6 more potential investigators who are all young college students. Got all of their phone numbers too.  We taught a short lesson about Temples in Primary on Sunday. We showed pictures of the temple and the kids got so excited. We asked "what do you feel in the temple?" And one kid, maybe 5 years old yells out, "JESUS!" Yes little kid. Yes. We had an awesome dinner at a member's house yesterday where 3 investigators came and we all and a fun time. It was one of the best times I've had on my mission. I haven't laughed that hard in a long time. I love moments like that and this ward is so awesome. The Eikaiwa investigator who we gave a Book of Mormon to last week came to church this week! The ward did a really good job with fellowshipping and helping him feel welcome. Hopefully he had a good experience and he can come again.

Scripture of the week: 2 Nephi 1:7 "Wherefore, this land is consecrated unto him whom he shall bring. And if it so be that they shall serve him according to the commandments which he hath given, it shall be a land of liberty unto them; wherefore, they shall never be brought down into captivity; if so, it shall be because of iniquity; for if iniquity shall abound cursed shall be the land for their sakes, but unto the righteous it shall be blessed forever." God Bless America!

Love you all! Everyone eat a nice burger or a steak (or both) for me! Have a fun and safe Fourth of July! Don't forget all of the blessings that you have received from our Heavenly Father. Don't take your circumstances for granted. Have a great week 皆様!


Kibi Dango!  The famous food of Okayama

Sometimes, you just have to eat your ramen on the floor while using a chair as your table.  Dendo does that.

Gotta love Japan!  This was a pretty cool experience.  I was having a hard day one day.  It was so hot and I didn't have desire to go out.  But, on the way to a place that I haven't been before, we pass this and other places that were so beautiful.  Seeing this nature helped me calm down and enjoy life again.  It was like Heavenly Father saying "hey, it's okay!  You're doing great!  Here, enjoy some nature."

We played basketball with a couple investigators and at the court, there was a group of 6 other people who was already playing.  They all went to the same university as our investigators and we were able to play basketball with them, teach them a lesson and got all of their phone numbers.  It was cool!

Dinner from last night.

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