Monday, June 1, 2015

Weston - Transfers!

Guess what? I'm staying! I am so glad. I love this area so much. Elder Hansen is moving to a different area. So how it works is, Saturday night we get a phone call from our District leader and he tells us who's staying and who's packing. Sunday, President Gerber calls all the missionaries who are receiving leadership positions. Then on Tuesday we have transfer meeting. There we are told who our companions are and which area they are going to be serving in.
     This last week all of my prayers have been directed to this next transfer. I have been thinking a lot about "spiritual capacity" lately. I know that when we show Heavenly father that we are willing to work hard and that we want to progress he increases our capabilities and the capacity of which we can feel the spirit. You sent me a quote in your last package to me that was along these same lines. "When you show God your dependability he increases your capability." I wanted to show God that I was dependable and that I was ready for more responsibility. I prayed a lot for this transfer to be pushed and stretched farther than I am now. 
     Heavenly Father answers prayers. Yesterday President Gerber gave me a call and told me he wants me to be a trainer. On Tuesday I am going to be given a Elder right out of the MTC. It's my responsibility for the next 6 to 12 weeks to train him to be a effective servant of the Lord. I am so excited and incredibly Nervous:) but I don't think God would call me to a work that I wasn't capable of handling.

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