Tuesday, April 28, 2015

JT - Another week in the Greatest Mission in the World

Dear Everyone,

Can I just say how grateful I am to be in the Japan Kobe Mission? I am
so blessed to be in this mission, surrounded by the best missionaries,
the best mission president and serving in the best area of Japan. I
feel like there is no other mission I could possible be in. This
mission suits me perfectly. I know that God is in charge of everything
that happens. He knows all things. I was reading the Book of Mormon in
personal study and came across 2 Nephi 2:24 "But behold, all things
have been done in the wisdom of him who knoweth all things" I thank
him for placing me in the Japan Kobe Mission.

Anyway, as far as the work goes, it's been a better week this week! We
found 2 new investigators by street contacting and through the Area
Book. I am not sure exactly how good their interest was, but we will
meet with them again, well hopefully. One of them, we found in he area
book and decided to visit him. At his house, we saw right next to the
door, in the entryway a bulletin board, a little bigger than a piece
of paper, with old pictures of missionaries from probably 20 years
ago.... It was a little creepy to be honest, but he was an awesome
guy. His favorite foods are broccoli and carrots. I thought that was
interesting as well. 

Here is a story about fasting. So, this week, my companion and I were
in a pickle because we only had 3 investigators and we have done all
that we could possibly do for them. There wasn't anything else we
could do with them besides wait. So in order to find more people to
teach and in order to be led to those whom the Lord has prepared for
us, we decided to fast. Now for me, fasting hasn't been a big part of
my life. Before my mission, I didn't fast very often, so I am still
getting used to fasting. The whole day we were fasting, we saw the
Lord's hand in our work. All of our contacts were good contacts.

A kid we ran into while streeting.

Here's a funny story. We were walking down the road and we were
talking to a high school student about Joseph Smith. We had just given
him "the Testimony of the Prophet Joseph Smith" pamphlet and he was
looking at it. All of a sudden an older woman came up from behind the
high school kid and started looking at the pamphlet. She looked at
that and looked at us and said "ah Morumon kyo" or "oh the Mormons"
then she started saying things like, "the bible is true! Don't change
the bible!" And other things like that. Then as she was leaving she
said, "Kami wa kami desu. Aaa amen!" (God is God, a-men!) in kind of a
Professer Umbridge tone of voice and then walked away. My companion
and I looked at eachother and at the High School student and we were
all confused. I thought it was his mother for a second. Then I asked
the Kid, "do you know her?" And he said "metaku shiranai" (I most
definitely don't know her). We all had a nice laugh. Then, as we
walked away, we ran into her again and she started Bible bashing us.
Then we mentioned the Book of Mormon. We must let her bash with us and
one thing led to another and we ended up giving her a Book of Mormon
and she seemed pretty excited about it. I will say, that was one of
the more interesting and amusing stories of my mission so far.

So that day, we were able to talk to many people. Although we were
only able to find one new investigator, I testify of the power of
prayer and fasting. God recognizes when we sacrifice and if we do it
with the right heart, he will bless us immensely for it.

This week, our refrigerator broke! So when we woke up on Friday,
everything in the fridge wasn't being cooled, so in order to save it
all, we decided to eat everything from the fridge. It was so much and
so disgusting after a while. That was an interesting morning. We got a
new fridge from the mission office, but for the past 3 days, we
survived off bread, avocados, some eggs and instant ramen. Let's just
say that was an adventure. I never realized how much of a blessing
refrigerators are...

I also want to say that there are so many people in the world who live
hard lives. So many people are struggling. I went to one of our
investigators houses to teach a lesson and I have never been in a more
unkempt place in my entire life. I couldn't see how anyone could live
in those kind of circumstances. Everyone has made choices that have
put them in their situations, but they don't have to stay like that.
No matter what anyone has done in their life, they can change for the
better. That is the beauty of the Atonement of Christ. No matter what
happens in life, no matter how far off the end you might think you
are, you are never out of reach of the Atonement. These people who are
struggling are all around you. Sometimes They just need someone to
talk to, someone to smile at them, someone to show love to them.
Really, even the smallest acts of kindness and love can have a huge
impact on a person. We never know who is having a hard time, or who
needs he love of Christ. They could be your neighbor. Therefore, my
invitation for you this week is to find someone who needs a little
pick me up. Help make their day a little better. Say Hi to them, show
them you care. You could even share a positive little message on
Facebook or Twitter. Really, any small act of kindness can have an
impact on someone's life. Let's make this world a better place, one
small act at a time.

I know that Jesus Christ is our savior. It is by His atonement that we
can all be saved. He paid the price. He paved the way for us to be
able to receive "all that the Father hath" and we can receive are
place at His side. Through he enabling power of the Atonement, or the
Grace of God, we can receive the strength to make it through our
trials and hardships in this life. Through the Grace of God, we can
have hope, even when going through trials. Jesus Christ lives and he
loves us. Come unto Him and rely on Him and you will be strengthened.
I know that is true.

I love you all! Have an amazing week. Keep smilin' and give 'em Heaven!

-Elder Lamoreaux

At zone conference, I saw my doki! (The ones who came from the MTC
with you) I love them all so much

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