Monday, April 13, 2015

JT - New Area, new experiences

Dear Everyone,

This week was a crazy week! We went to Himeji with the sisters, the
Branch President and his friend. It was super fun and super pretty.
The Sakuras are so great. We were also able to go inside the main
castle part and was able to see great views. So we got back and I
started packing for my move to Kitarokko. I learned one thing from
that experience, you never know how many things you have until you
have to pack it all away. I struggled to get everything in the bags
comfortably, but I was able to do it. That night, we went with the
sisters to teach one of their new investigators. He was so awesome,
basically fluent in English because he studied at the University of
Idaho of all places, and he seemed so golden. I was sad that that was
the last time I was going to see him.

Tuesday and Wednesday was full of goodbyes and packing. I hate saying
goodbye. Probably the thing I hate the most. I taught my last Eikaiwa
in Nishiwaki. That was surprisingly hard too, with the awesome
students that we have who come every week. We said goodbye to most of
the Investigators that I had been working with and the hardest ones
were the English speaking investigator, the Filipino guy with the
Baptism date and the 15 year long investigator. Wednesday was a great
day. One thing that I am grateful for now more than ever is Facebook.
I can always be connected to them through the Internet. Although I
can't use it quite yet, I had them look me up on their phones to add
me on Facebook haha.

Thursday came and our Ward Mission Leader picked us up from the
apartment and dropped us off at the bus stop. The Branch President and
his wife met us at the bus stop and we had one last goodbye and
pictures. I love this Nishiwaki branch so much. I will never forget
it. I'm sad to leave, but I am excited to start in Kitarokko.

My new companion is Elder Isaac. He is from Bountiful Utah, he went to
Woods Cross High School and he has been in Japan for 14 transfers. He
is awesome. We get a long pretty well. He is a hard working missionary
and I can learn so much from him. Kitarokko is so different than
Nishiwaki. It is way more city than Nishiwaki. It's actually not much
of a big city, but compared to Nishiwaki I think it is. We are
actually on the border of Nishinomiya city and Kobe city. I am In The
Kobe district and in the same district as the Assistants (scary
right?). About an hour bus ride away from the mission home.

Saturday and Sunday we were able to watch conference. What an amazing
conference! I learned so much and I thought that every single talk was
incredible. I especially liked Elder Holland, President Uctdorf (both
talks), Elder Bednar, President Eyring (Priesthood), President Monson,
Elder Wilford W. Andersen, and Elder Ringwood's talks. (I realized
that that is like all of them....) it was just so good. I sustain all
of the Lord's chosen leaders of the church. They hold the keys and
they speak the words of God.

The ward (that's right, Ward) has about 100 members that come every
week. Big difference than Nishiwaki. I was pretty overwhelmed at all
the people. It was General Conference, so "not a lot of people" showed
up. It was a lot of people! After conference, there was a party for a
person who was leaving on his mission on Monday. In this Ward, there
are I think 7 missionaries out. That is a lot even for Utah. I am very
excited to get to know these people more.

Things are going great for me. I love it hear and I feel recharged in
this new area. It'll get some getting used to, but it will all work
out for the best. Have a great week everyone!

Elder Lamoreaux

A bunch of missionaries

Saying Goodbye

New Area

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