Monday, April 27, 2015

Weston - Udpdate

I finished that book that you guys sent me already. It blew my mind. I love it so much. When I started reading it I couldn't stop; every spare second of the day I had, I had my nose in that book. It really inspired me to be a better missionary and gave me useful tips on how to do it. Did you read through it at all before you sent it to me? As soon as I finished it I handed it to Elder Hansen to read and he likes it as well. Thank you so much! 
     In Detroit we find a lot of new investigators, but we drop a lot of investigators as well. For this area we have to have two extra binders just for former-investigator teaching records. It seems like everyone in our area knows who we are. At least once every day we get someone yelling half way out of a car "Hey Mormons!" as they drive by. They really respect what we do. I've met a lot of people who cannot even comprehend what we are doing. "You're coming out here talking to people about God? How old are you? How much do you get paid for this? Where do you go to school? Are you trying to tell me your doing this because you want to?" YES!!!! That's exactly right! We're doing this because we love God and we want to HELP YOU!  AND WE LOVE IT!!!!!
      This week I made a goal for myself to go more in depth with people after they tell us they are not really interested. Why aren't you interested? What church do you go to? What drew you to that church? You may be surprised what points of doctrine you can slip in when you ask one of these questions after they've stated that they don't want anything to do with our church. Yesterday my companion and I ran into another Jehovah's Witness. Jehovah's Witnesses don't accept any literature from any other church so as soon as she opened the door, before we got to even say a word, she said "No thank you, I'm a Witness" and started to walk back inside. I then stopped her and asked if she would be interested in doing family history work. She told me that she would and that it was something she really wanted to do. I told her about how our church has the largest amount of family history information in the world and that it was all free. I offered her a Familyseach pass along card and she gladly accepted it! 
Love you all!
Elder Lamoreaux

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