Monday, August 10, 2015

JT - What happened this week?

We rode our bikes to the beach one day to try talking to some people.  It was so hot and it was like a 1.5 mile ride.  That's why it looks like I am wet...'Twas fun!
Dear Everyone,

So first off, Transfer News!! I am staying in Maizuru, which is expected. My new companion is an elder named Elder Van Cleave. I don't know too much about him other than I will be the Senior Companion. Also, they are making me the District Leader here! I'm actually way excited for this new responsibility and the new challenges that I will have to face. It will be very interesting. I still don't know Japanese, but it will all be good. Also, my current companion Elder Brown is going home a transfer early for school, but because of some weird complications, he can't go home until two weeks after this transfer starts. Which means, for a week and a half, we are going to be in a weird three person companionship. Doesn't make too much sense, but we'll see how that goes. There were a lot of changes throughout the mission this transfer! It's exciting! I am feeling like an old missionary now....

On Tuesday, we decided to ride our bikes to the beach and try to talk to some people there. We didn't expect it to take as long as it did, so we weren't able to talk to too many people, but it was fun! Japan is so beautiful! It was a long bike ride, so my legs were pretty sore after that. This week was filled with us trying to visit people, but most of them not being home. It is summer break in Japan right now and many people are out vacationing, visiting relatives, going to festivals and what not, so it has been very hard to meet with people recently. And it is still flippin hot. I can't stand how hot it is. Whenever we walk outside, I am drenched and dripping in sweat after 2 minutes. It's ridiculous!

On Wednesday, I had a pretty humbling experience. We taught one of our investigators, but the overall feeling we got from that lesson is that the investigator knows the things that the church teaches is great, but just that. They have great teachings and it's good to learn what other beliefs are. She doesn't apply the things that we learn into action, for example praying and coming to church. After that lesson while riding the bikes home, I was pretty frustrated. "Why won't people do the things that will help them so much in their life? Why don't they act upon good feelings and change their hearts?" As I was thinking about the whole situation, a story from General Conference came to my mind. The story of a missionary who was frustrated with his companion and when he was complaining to the Lord, he heard the Spirit say, "compared to me, the two of you aren’t all that different." That came to mind and I thought, "woah. I am just like that." I realized that I have a hard time applying the things that I learn as well. I kind of stepped back and realized that the things I am feeling now are just a smidge of what Heavenly Father feels with me. I learned from this little experience that the Lord puts people in our path so that we can learn about ourselves, as well as learning a bit of how God works and how he feels. I truly believe that God has placed me in these situations so that I can gain a bigger, more heaven-like perspective of life. We can realize our weaknesses and work to overcome them. So, it was a humbling experience and I am very grateful for this chance to serve the Lord and at the same time, learn how to improve myself for my future.

That's the week! I love it here in Maizuru and this next transfer is going to be an adventure. First time being a Senior Companion and District Leader. Crazy stuff!! The church is true folks. Tell your 


ラムロー長老 Elder Lamoreaux
日本神戸伝道部 Japan Kobe Mission

Fukuchiyama Zone! We had ZTM in normal clothes! It was so interesting, but super fun. We had nice discussions and trainings right next to the river and it was way relaxing. This was in my first area, Nishiwaki! I love it! It is a place called      日本へそ公園 (Nihon Heso Kouen) (Japan Bellybutton Park) So awesome!

Gotta love Japan English
This is not what I ordered McDonalds ... Even in Japan... So lame...

Cute Japanese kid wearing my nametag!

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