Monday, August 24, 2015

Weston - Getting Transferred!

I'm getting Transferred!!! We all kind of figured I would be because I've been in Belle Isle for so long. Our district here is changing a lot. Out of all five of us only my companion Elder Brown and one of the companions in the trio is staying. Elder Beckstrom is our district leader, he was only here one transfer which is pretty strange. We received leadership phone calls from our mission president yesterday as well. I must have done something right with Elder Brown:) We just finished the first 12-week program and now he's Belle Isle's new district leader and he's also training a new missionary! Its pretty crazy. I received another leadership position as well. I'm finishing a missionary's training. He's been taught the first six weeks of the 12-week program and I'm doing his last 6 weeks. A long with that I am being white washed into a sister's area. So they are pulling out the sisters and putting us in. White washed means to take out both missionaries and bring in two new missionaries that have never served there before and know nothing about the area. A long with that, President Gerber also told me that, in the ward i'm being transferred to has a  Bishop who is very new and young. President gave me some advice of how we can be a good support for him and the ward. 
     I can't wait to see where I'm going and who my new companion is going to be. We'll be finding out tomorrow! HA! but you all have to wait until next week! No matter what I'm leaving Detroit though, which makes me sad. Sisters aren't allowed to serve in Detroit so unfortunately, you don't need to worry about hearing anymore crazy stories from me for at least another 6 weeks:) 
I love you all! 
Elder Lamoreaux

 On a banner in front of our church area:

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