Monday, November 10, 2014

Weston - "Don't tell mom."

I've been asked to serve in the south field south area. My address is 20924 Sherman ave. Southfield Michigan 48033. So the first day here my companion and I went to our first appointments. The first person we talk to was very interested and said he would like to come to our church on Sunday! The first person we talk too! I turned to my companion and asked, Is it really that easy? and he said nope not really. After our appointments we went tracting. We had a lot of doors shut in our face with little success. While we were tracting we heard gunshots from the next block over. My companion told me that you get used to it and that it happens all of the time. What really freaks me out is all of the abandoned homes. Gangs come in and try to burn them to the ground. A large majority of the houses are burnt. All of the buildings that aren't burnt have smashed in windows or boarded up windows. It's not just people's houses, close to one of our investigators house is a super creepy, very old abandoned school.  I'll send pictures as soon as I can figure out how. The city can't really stop people from littering so most of the streets have just piles of trash everywhere.
    Imagine the creepiest looking person you've seen in Provo. Imagine they're black. And that's basically what every single person we meet looks like. I wish I could say that everything we heard about Detroit was wrong but they were completely right. My companion and the other missionaries in our district have been robbed. I now know what marijuana smells like because you run into people that are high all the time. My companion is really good at sniffing it out.
    We actually have three investigators who want to get baptized and are on date. Two of them are having a hard time quitting smoking though. The other investigator joined a different church a long time ago that provided her with a place to live. However, She does not believe in that church and she knows that our church is the true church, but if she gets baptized in our church, the other church, will make her move and she would have to live on the streets. 
   I have seen miracles happen here like a few days ago we were knocking doors on this one street and gained two new investigators within minutes of each other. I can feel your prayers for me and I'm so thankful for them. But also remember my investigators in your prayers. Two of them need to quit bad habits and come to church more, and the other needs to find a job so she can move away in order to get baptized. We have other investigators as well that we are teaching that just haven't felt the spirit yet confirm to them the truthfulness of our message.
 I love you all and I am praying for you.
Elder Lamoreaux

P.S. WHAT THE CRAP?!!!!!!?????!!!!?!?! YOU GOT A DOG!???!!!?!!!!!!!!!!!!?!!!!!!????

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