Sunday, November 2, 2014

JT - Sorry It`s Short

Nov, 2. 2014

This is going to be really short I'm sorry. We are going early to go to Kyoto for Preparation Day. We are going with the Branch President and an Investigator. It should be really fun but I wish I could write more. I'll do a little bit of the highlights of the week
We did Eikaiwa which is an English class that the missionaries teach. That was really fun because I can speak English and because the Japanese people are so funny. We went to a Fall Festival which was really fun and interesting. I'll try to post pictures but maybe not.  We've done a lot of housing but not much success in that. People just don't want to listen.
Anyway, I'm so sorry its short but I have to go. Love you so much


Here are some maps of the Japan Kobe Mission in case you would like to see where these places are that JT is writing about.

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