Monday, November 17, 2014

JT - Miracles happen!

November 17, 2014

Dear Everyone,

Miracles do happen. Last Week on Preparation day, we were riding our bikes back to the apartment to drop off what we bought and to get ready to go out again. It was about 5:15, just about getting dark and a car started slowing down next to me. I thought it was a member or someone like that wanting to say hi to us. Then the person said, "Hey do you have a minute?" It took me a while to figure out what he said because he said it in perfect English! I was expecting Japanese. Anyway, I said yeah, called for my companion and we pulled over to a nearby parking lot. My mind was going crazy thinking about what he would be wanting. He got out of his car, tall, kind of Hispanic looking person. He started telling us how two months ago, he was at home watching YouTube videos. He watched one where the person, I don't remember who it was, said at the end of the video, "Repent of your sins and accept Jesus Christ as your savior!" Well, the guy said that he did and for the past two months he has been praying everyday and studying the Bible everyday. He said that when he repented, he felt such a warm feeling throughout his body and that he started sobbing. He said that it was the most incredible feeling he's felt. As he was talking, me and my companion couldn't believe what was happening and couldn't stop smiling. The guy said that he has Christian friends and they told him that he needs to find a church to fellowship with. He saw two guys in white shirts on bikes and had to stop us. I think its funny and miraculous that the Christian friends didn't tell him to join their church... anyway, he wanted to learn what we were all about. So he took us in his car to the Church and we talked for a long time. He had so many deep questions. He truly has done his studying of the Bible. He asked questions like "How do you know if you feel an impression from the Holy Spirit or if it's just your own thoughts?" I was thinking, that's questions that I am wondering now, How am I going to answer that? Anyway, we did the best we could to answer all his questions and to introduce him to the church. We taught him about the Restoration and about our beliefs of God and Jesus Christ, how we can pray to him. We explained prayer and shared some experiences and testimonies. It was a great lesson and he is so interested. Two days later we taught about the Plan of Salvation and answered more of his questions. we talked about Baptism and invited him to be baptized. He said "well if Jesus Christ was baptized in this way, I need to do that too." So he wants to be baptized! We brought up a date for next month, but he said that he might need more time to see if he thinks this is all true before committing to a date. So we are still answering all his questions and he is very diligent in his studies and he wants to learn more. This is such a miracle, for him to have been prepared for months, doing his own study and prayer and feeling the spirit before talking to us, and even more of a miracle for him to stop us in the middle of the road as he was going home from work and even more of a miracle for me that his speaks English!!! I am so amazed by him and I hope that he will continue to progress and that he can know for himself that this is the true church. Miracles still happen!
Other than that, nothing quite compares to that this week. We found a couple couples that could possibly be progressing investigators after teaching about God and Prayer. We'll see how that goes. Tomorrow we have Zone conference in Kobe and we will be going on splits with the zone leaders. That will be cool. Anyway, I'm doing well, except that it is starting to get really cold. I have plenty of warm things so I think I'll be fine in that regard. Oh one of our investigators, a 70 ish year old man, gave me two pairs of winter gloves, despite me telling him that I was fine. I thought that was pretty funny. Anyways, all is good and I miss you all! Always read the scriptures and pray to your Heavenly Father! He loves you so much.
Elder Lamoreaux

At a park on Preparation day with one of our investigators. This was a really cool bridge.

More from the park

This is dinner in Japan. :)

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