Monday, January 19, 2015

Zach - that time of the week agian

Hey guys, so this week wasnt that eventful, stuff is kinda getting normal out in the field. Its super coolio out here though, but not like the weather, cause it is so flipping hot.. But i love it out here. Although, we dont really have many investigators, and people havent been that receptive, i am having a good time, we just need to continue to improve. My spanish is coming along, and im learning so much about how it all works, and becoming a better teacher, and a better missionary. Plus we are getting more support from the ward, so thats awesome.

So the pics:
First is a funky flower we found its nice.
Second is our mission
and third is my ward, its the one like right in the middle, neuvo amanacer. We have half that ward
And 4th is my address that i forgot to send a while ago.... sorry guys 

and voice messages will be in the next one.
I love you guys so much, miss you all, and the Gospel is true
Elder Lamoreaux

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