Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Weston - Meeting Elder Oaks and The Detroit Car Show!

Sorry I couldn't email yesterday. The library was closed for Martin Luther king day. I got to meet Elder Oaks! All the missionaries got into a long line and we each got to shake hands with him. That was something else:) to shake hands with an apostle was an incredible experience, one I surely won't ever forget. The spirit came over me when I got my first glimpse of him and again when I looked him in the eyes and grabbed his hand.
 He gave a really amazing talk that helped me out a lot. Afterwards he allowed us to ask him questions for him to answer. We had one Elder stand up and ask him how to soften the heart of an investigator. Elder Oaks stepped to one side and told us that he felt inspired to let Elder Kacher answer the question. Elder Kacher stood up and, Not so surprisingly, had a perfect story to answer the missionary's question. It was so cool to see an apostle of the lord receive revelation right on the spot like that!  My testimony was strengthened so much that day.
   I had the opportunity to go to the Detroit Car show yesterday! It was insane. The area we work in is Detroit,but there is a huge difference from Detroit and down town Detroit. Yesterday was the first time I've seen down town. I felt really out of place. Everything is so big! you can't see anything but building everywhere you go! We took the people mover to go from place to place. It's pretty much the subway but suspended above all the roads on tracks instead of underneath. I Didn't feel to comfortable with my fear of heights:) Especially because of all of the sketchy noises the train was making. It sounded like it was falling apart and like it was going to tear right off the tracks on all of the sharp turns. 
   The car show was awesome. I've never seen so many people in my life. They had all of the new 2015 models from each car company there. They had all kinds of cool stuff. I'll send pictures today:) Afterwards we went to the GM headquarters and looked around. It's probably the biggest building I've ever seen in my life. I also got to see Canada across the Detroit river:)
Elder Lamoreaux

 GM Headquarters


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