Sunday, January 18, 2015

Weston - Old Email

The gun lady is actually one of our more solid investigators:) She's a lot more comfortable with us now:) last time she offered to have us come into here home without the gun:) Our Jamaican investigator is doing really well. She's been to church 8 times in a row and she really enjoys it and feels the spirit strongly there. She watched a baptism two Sundays ago and I think she wants to be baptized now more than ever. 
   This week I had another cool experience with finding new investigators. My companions asked me where we should go trackting. I stopped and let the spirit guide me. I crossed a busy road into a neighborhood. I briefly stopped on a road and one of my companions asked me, here? I told him no and went down to the next road. My companion asked me again, Here? I told him we're going right and we're starting on the right side of the street. We immediately had success. We only knocked about ten houses and we found three new investigators. This was in a place in our area we've never been before. It was amazing to be guided to such a specific area! to even be told which side of the street to start on!
    Have you gotten my other letter yet? it has the He is the gift cards in it? So we moved apartments, my new address is 26580 Berg rd #1411. We're going over to a members home at 2 o'clock and we'll be skyping sometime between 2 to 3 here or 12 to 1 o'clock in provo:)  It'll probably be around 1 though. I'm so excited!!! 
I love you all!
Elder Lamoreaux

No trespassing! 

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