Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Zach - Half way there. (MTC)

So today is the start of my fourth week here at the ccm. Crazy how im already halfway to the field, im so excited to get out there, i wanna start helping people. anyway, everything here is actaully going pretty amazing. I love it down here, the Chilean people are so cool. They like to have fun, and they are always laughing or playing around. My spanish is coming along, my teaching gets bettter with every lesson, and im like becoming a missionary, its pretty cool. The gospel is so enriching, and life giving, and its just the small acts to show our agency that bless us so immensely. Read every day, pray every day, go to church, its simple, but the more you do it, the more you consistantly give your life to God, the more light and knowlegde He gives us. It is getting really hot down here, it doesnt feel like Chirstmas time at all, especially when we have to wear suit coats, it feels like st george again, but more humid.

I dont really have any stories this week, i really should just record them on my voice recorder the night of, ill try to do that, and get the whole emailing thing perfected, we have so little time in here. Anway, i love you all, you are all amazing. Ciao from Chile

Elder, Lamoreaux
Oh and that hot dog, there is this food place called Dominos down here, and they serve completos, that are amazing. It was so good, anyway yeah. 2000 pesos for that thing, so like 3 dollars.

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