Monday, December 22, 2014

JT - Nothing too new this week.

Dear family and friends,

This week is Christmas! I hope you all have fun plans and if not, you are planning to relax for the holiday. I think Christmas will be a lot different this year because 1) I am in Japan and 2) I'm not with my family and friends. But it is a small sacrifice compared to what the Savior did for all of us. He is the real meaning of Christmas. If you haven't already seen the Christmas video that the church has put up, please watch it! The reason for the season is truly the gift that Heavenly Father gave the world and that is His Son, Our Savior and Redeemer, Jesus Christ. Because of him, we can all live again. I hope you remember that it isn't about all the fancy new toys that you get, or the things you could have, but it is about the Birth of Jesus Christ. He is the gift. Watch the short video. It is really good.

Anyway, nothing much has happened this past week. We had the first snow in Nishiwaki this week. It was like less than an inch, but it is still snow. It was gone by the time we went out to work, but we still had some. However, in the other areas in our zone, they had much more snow, like 6 inches so I am pretty grateful for being in Nishiwaki. :)

We had Zone Training Meeting on Friday and it was really awesome. I learned a lot about the mission work. It is God's work. He is always preparing people to meet us. We are not finding them. We are the lost ones and God is leading them to us. WE need to have faith and believe that miracles can happen because they will. Ether 12 talks about how miracles do not increase one's faith. Miracles come after your faith. Faith is such an important principle and it is also really complicated, but just trust in the Lord and everything will work out.
Well that's really about it. Have a great Christmas holiday and remember the reason for the season!

Elder Lamoreaux

We went to someone's house and they showed us their garden. So pretty
More of the garden
Harris Choro and I and the Recent convert who took us to this house.
We tried on Japanese Kimonos at that house. They are really cool, I want one.
More from inside the house
Elder Monson on a Kokan (companion exchange)
More of Elder Monson..
"Cabbage. Main dish isn't it?" on a bike.... ?
What was the church thinking, this is creepy!
"Don't throw the rubbish". Don't know why I thought that was funny

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