Monday, December 1, 2014

Weston - Another Short Email

We have a few progressing investigators. everything has been about the same as last week. I had a great day yesterday though:) I gave a talk in sacrament and I think it was pretty good. After church we had a few appointments and then we went finding. My companion asked me where do you thing we should go look for people? and I replied that I didn't know and said maybe we should go left. My companion then asked me, which way do you feel we should go? I took a second and concentrated on what I was feeling. The answer came and I said we need to go right, the complete opposite direction that I had thought before. We had three people we talked to in a row that were very interested and who want us to come back and teach them more. It was truly amazing:) A few weeks ago we met this 16 year old kid who wanted to learn more about our church so he invited us to come to his house. So last night his grandma cooked us a big delicious meal and we taught him, his twin brother and his cousin who is also 16. You could tell that they were very excited about what we had to say and now they all want to sit in on our next lesson as well. That family really made us feel right at home. It was weird because it was just someone we ran into on the street! But now it feels like when we go over there we're going to grandma's house! She even told us to call her Grandma! Yesterday was probably my favorite day so far:)
Elder Lamoreaux

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