Sunday, December 7, 2014

JT - Oh the weather outside is frightful...

December 8, 2014

Dear Everyone,

This week was a rough week missionary work wise. We have trouble scheduling times to meet with our investigators. We usually show up at their house when we say we would, but they usually aren't there, don't answer the door or they say they are busy. It is really frustrating, especially when we plan something for them and we end up not meeting with them. Because of that, our progressing investigator pool is slowly becoming stagnant. But, we always pray that they will want to meet with us more and that we can improve our efforts in fellowshipping and becoming more persistent. This week, we also didn't find as many new investigators as we normally do. But we still have faith and we are doing the things that we have to do. We pray that the people will accept us and want to hear this message. We also have a lot of work to do to improve.
It is so cold here!! The sad part is, it is only December and apparantly real winter doesn't start until January ish... Another sad part is that it probably is only 40 degrees Farenheight(sp?) but it is bitter cold because of the humidity. I don't know if I have ever been constantly cold like this except for maybe winter campouts. I don't like cold.....
A cool thing about this week though is that we had to sit in in a couple lessons with the Shimai when they taught one of their investigators. He is the coolest person and a golden investigator. He pretty much gave himself a baptism date. They gave him a Book of Mormon two weeks ago and he is already done with Alma. that is insane especially in Japanese! He is so incredible, I'm kinda jealous that he isn't our investigator, but I am so happy for him and his progress. He is the one in the picture with us missionaries.

I'm having fun here. Japan is awesome. The people are great. They are all so nice. Even when they say no, they do it in the most apologetic and kind way ever. They usually say something like, "Gomen nasai, sumimasen, watashi wa choto isogashi node, sumimasen, kiyotsukete kudasai, sumimasen!" "ごめんなさい。私は緒と忙しなので。すみません。寄与付けてください。すみません” which basically  means "I'm sorry, excuse me, I'm a little busy. I'm sorry, take care , excuse me!" So yeah, they reject us, but they oh so kindly reject us. That is just Japanese culture and I like it.
Anyway, I love you all. Not much new and exciting things happening this week. I hope you all stay warm and have a great week.
Elder Lamoreaux (the one in Japan) ラモロー長老

Happy Birthday Sammy! 

A random election poster that I had a fun idea with. "Read the Book of Mormon!" モルモン書お読みなさい!

So this was Gomez Shimai's last night in the field, so the Branch President took us all out to a restaurant to eat. It was an expensive fancy restaurant and I felt so bad! They spoil us too much. Despite our pleads, we still ate there. The food was pretty good, I'm not gonna lie. This is a plate of appetizers, shrimp, lobster, salmon, potatoes, cream puff. The other one is a bowl of soup. (soup wasn't that good. Zupas was better:))

Dessert.. too fancy, I felt unworthy ;)

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