Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Zach - Dec 2, 2014

Hey dad, i love you so much, and miss you alot. Where did you guys build the pit, that sounds awesome. I am doing really well, and im learning so much. My lessons are getting better, and my spanish is coming along. I had pie and stuff on my thanksgiving so that was pretty nice. I havent got a chance to make therons yet though.. I went to buy the ingrediants last week, but i couldnt find seasoned salt, we are going to another place today, so hopefully i can find some cause the food down here is so bland. they serve bread with every meal, and thats like the best part. It isnt bad, its just not good. Anyway, the weather down here is amazing, the humidity isnt really bad at all, and i got used to the city smell pretty fast. It rained this past weekend, and it smelled weird too.. its not like the mountains. But its pretty cool down here, the weather is so nice. Its kinda weird getting ready for chirstmas in the summer though. Anyway, I love you so much, I pray for you guys like 30 times a day, cause we pray like 30 times a day. 

ps lol i noticed i sound depressed in my voice, but im not, im just being quite cause im surrounded by people

Elder Lamoreaux

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