Monday, December 8, 2014

Weston - Pictures Are Coming Soon

Sometimes I just stop and think what in the world am I doing here? this is Crazy! I'm 18 years old! What am I doing out here! I'm talking to random strangers! to anyone else here in Detroit that sounds crazy:)  But it makes sense to me. The spirit confirms to me over and over again this is where i'm suppose to be. This is where I can help the most people. This is where I will become the man I want to be.
I gave a talk two Sundays ago and I think it went really well:) Yesterday was fast and testimony meeting and I felt inclined to bare my testimony. I talked about Pearl Harbor since yesterday was the 73rd anniversary. I told the story of one of the two veterans who were in sacrament meeting in pearl Harbor when the bombing started and how he could of ran and hid somewhere but no. He ran to the USS Nevada because he knew that was where he needed to be to help and to save lives, despite the danger. The main message I shared was that we can't just hide from the enemy and his temptations sometimes we need to find courage and to run and face the danger head on in order to defeat it. It was one of the most "left field thoughts" I've ever had and I knew it came from the spirit.
    Later that Sunday we had a Christmas devotional. At the end of the devotional a lady, whom I had never met before, asked us with no prior notice that she wanted a blessing. So the four of us, Elders Gunter, Peterson, Mayberry, and I went into a classroom with her at the church. When she was asked who she wanted to give the blessing she without hesitation told me she would like me too. She needed a blessing of comfort and was having a hard time with depression. I again felt the spirit use me as a mouth piece as I gave this lady an amazing blessing that I could not have given here on my own. After the blessing we left the room. A different lady I had also never met walked up to me and told me that my testimony that I gave earlier that day was an answer to her prayer and that it was exactly what she needed to hear.
     It was such and incredible experience for me. Earlier in the week I was feeling really down on myself because I was having a hard time teaching people the discussions. I felt like a horrible missionary, not because I wasn't working hard, but because I just have a hard time teaching the lessons. Yesterday was incredible though and I was given a little bit of confidence in myself:) 
    Oh and also WE PUT SOMEONE ON DATE!!!!! She's getting baptized the day after my companion goes home! he's really mad:)

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