Monday, March 21, 2016

Weston - January 18, 2016

I had a great week! My companion got really sick but we were able to get a lot of work done anyway. Our investigators are coming right a long. We have two especially that are really Progressing. I already told you about the one who is really excited about her baptism. She is hanging in there. She is facing a lot of challenges from the advisory, as a result of her righteous actions. I notice most of My investigators that start to get really close like she is always gets attacked with some sort of issue right as it sees they are doing everything the lord is asking them. Our other Progressing investigator also agreed to baptism but right after that lesson she too was attacked. She had a stroke and was put in the hospital. Up until last night we we'rent able to see her. But last night we had a really good visit. She seems to be on the upswing now.
Thursday Brother Hardie in the ward randomly gave us a phone call and told us that the speaker they had planned for Sunday cancelled. He asked Elder Windley and I to give talks. After our talks we had all of the missionaries in our district, all six of us, sing True to the Faith as a special musical number. It was really great actually. I learned a lot in the process of writing and delivering my talk. I have done things like this so much now that I don't really get nervous in front of a lot of people anymore. The talk I gave was based on President Uchtdorfs talk Be not afraid, only believe. I would like to send it to you. I think the family might like it.
TODAY I GOT TO GO TO THE AUTO SHOW AGAIN!!! We had a blast. Favorite car I got to see was still the Chevy Silverado.  
 I'll make sure to send you pictures next week. After the Auto show we went to the church and played ping pong for a while. Because we now know how to write numbers in Arabic we wrote on a chalk board the score for each match in Arabic. I haven't learned too much more Arabic though. I know how to write Numbers, Joseph Smith, and Nephi. I don't know how to speak any of it yet. A couple of days ago we were in Hamtramick and I got to hear one of their Prayer calls. At certain times each day, over loud speakers coming from their Mosques, They have these prayer calls. When they do it Muslims are suppose to face East, Kneel and pray these recited prayers. Its very interesting. 
Thank you for your emails! I love you all so much!
Elder Lamoreaux

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