Monday, March 21, 2016

Weston - Sept. 9, 2015

It was good! We are starting from the ground up here. We started with 0 investigators when we got here. We have about five now. Most of them are from referrals from the members. We work with the members an awful lot. On Sunday We try to schedule 3 appointments for the week with members. The Members are so helpful here we normally end up with 4 or 5:) and they pretty much always feed us dinner as well even though we just come to teach a member missionary lesson. Elder Carlisle and I have made a lesson plan that we think has been really effective. Elder Carlisle's mom is a convert and was introduced to the church by members. Grandpa and Grandma Parrot were as well. So we talk to the members about that and I read Grandpas conversion story for them. We then read Alma 6:6 and invite them to pray and fast for a specific person they want to learn more about the Gospel. It's been really great so far. We've had a lot of great experiences with this lesson and it helps us to get to know the people here more personally. I wish I had more time to write but we are running out of time.
Still getting use to the people here. They are all overly friendly and either cowboys or Farmers. Very hard to find people tracting here though. We spent about 17 1/2 hours finding last week.
Love you all so much!
Elder Lamoreaux

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