Monday, March 21, 2016

Weston - November 23, 2015

Miracles in the Michigan Detroit Mission. The Mission has set a goal of 25 baptism for the Month of November and 25 for December. We are right on course to meet that goal. The first week of November we had 5 baptisms! I looked today and saw we had another 5 for this past week as well! I'm not sure how many altogether we have for this Month but the point is, for our mission 5-7 baptisms is average per Month. The Lord has heard our prayers of faith and has blessed us in abundance.
The Clarks in the ward are having us over for thanksgiving. We're really excited they are really great people. The work doesn't stop for us that day. The Clarks have two non-member friends that they invited to have dinner with us as well. We're also really excited to meet them.
The District I'm in now is really great. I love Elder Carlilse and so far he has been my longest companion. Altogether we are all a great bunch of guys. My District leader is very laid back and his companion is Elder Beckstrom! Elder Beckstrom was my DL in Belle Isle! crazy where the Lord sends us.
There isn't too much else going on. I made a swagg sweater. Its an old missionary trick. You tear off half of an old shirt that you can't wear anymore, and you put it under your sweater. This gives the impression that you are wearing the whole white shirt underneath but your actually wearing a T-shirt or under armor instead. Its a beautiful thing especially for things like P-day:) There was a crazy snow storm on Saturday. It dumped 12 inches on us. We went service finding. We carried snow shovels with us and went around helping people shovel there drive ways. It didn't snow on Sunday but now its snowing again today.
I Love you!

Elder Lamoreaux

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