Monday, March 21, 2016

Weston - March 15, 2016

The paper chain countdown sounds painful to me! I just try not to think about time. Every time I do it makes me feel a little sick. I also feel a great deal of excitement as well. My companion really doesn't help:) he tells me everyday how old I am. He talks about how gross the Number 20 sounds. Its okay, everyone has to grow up eventually:) Our ward activity for this Month just so happens to be on the 19th, so I do get to have a birthday party this year! Just nobody will know its my birthday:) I have not met a lot of Muslims who in the slightest bit had any sort of consideration that any other religion could be an option for salvation. Most of them are very devoted. But Allah is preparing everyone to receive the restored gospel:) We have a few in the ward here that use to be Muslim. One of them is from Lebanon and he's now the first counselor in our ward. He's the one who helps me with my Arabic.
Heavenly Father has given us a family that are now all ready to be baptized. They have been coming to church for Months but until now have not been ready. They are all set for the baptismal date of March 26th. We are very excited for them. Right now we don't see any problems in their preparation. There is no problems with any commandments. They are reading and praying as a family and individually.
I love you very much!
Elder Lamoreaux

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